«ADVOCATE IS NOT NEEDED»       (2019 г.)    

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   Vasiliy Chertkov is accused of murder and is questioned by high-class advocate from a big company who is sent to verify qualification.


   The lawyer convinces Chertkov that there will be no 'case' at all if he goes to one very profitable deal.


   What price should Chertkov pay to clear all the charges? And what secret is hidden behind the lawyer’s expensive suit?

Running time: 25 minutes
Genre: detective, mystic, thriller

Rating: 16+
Country: Russia
Release date: 31 dec 2019

Budget: $3500

Адвокат не нужен (2019)_26
Адвокат не нужен (2019)_26

Адвокат не нужен (2019)_5
Адвокат не нужен (2019)_5

Адвокат не нужен (2019)_21
Адвокат не нужен (2019)_21

Адвокат не нужен (2019)_26
Адвокат не нужен (2019)_26





VASILY CHERTKOV is a man in the prime of his LIFE, A HOPELESS romantic, a former musician. Until now, looking for a creative personality GAZING INTO HIS CRYSTAL BALL! "Forever young, ALWAYS drunk." Lonely, STRANGE to anyone. Sometimes very lazy and quick-tempered. For a stack of vodka, ready for any "feats". But despite all HIS WEAKNESSES, a rather positive and "living" person WEARING HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVE.

  VICTOR VALAFAR Is a young, presentable advocate from a very prestigious law firm. HE has an attractive appearance and the ability to WIN THE TRUST OF others. Such people are said to be "Devilish".
  He is a determined and pushy, in every sense of the word, person.
HE will never miss the opportunity to benefit from the situation for HIS company and for
  But what secret is kept behind all this beautiful shell and expensive suit?

ZINAIDA BARANOVA Vasily's neighbor in the apartment. Forever "with a claim" against the people who she doesn’t like and who probably she likes as well. Since the first meeting she has been down on Vasily, although she is forced to constantly ask him to do "man’s job" around the house for a small fee. Which she often regrets.
In every possible way, she has tried to "change" her careless neighbor, thereby provoking him to rash actions, in the hope that sooner or later he will be “put" behind bars.

She loves only her cat.

Карта отпечатков-Чертков_2.jpg
Елена Красикова
Станислав Иванов
Владимир Бутенко
Алексей Новоселов
Илья Соков
Артём Cut The Crap Харченко
Ксения Алексеева
Артур Михеев
Дарья Соловьева
Виталий Игнатов
Юлия Петрова
Мария Щепеткина

Directed and prodused by Artem Minakov

Prodused by Anastasia Borisova

Screenplay by Julia Terentieva, Artem Minakov

Cinematography Arthur Mikheev jr., Dato Tsurtsumia, Irina Kruglova, Artem Minakov

2-nd director Felix Ioannidi

Edited by Artem Minakov

Music by Dmitry Phillipov, Petr Pridantsev
Sound engineer: Nikolay Nechaev

Sound design and mastering by Mikhail Anisimov

Color correction by Dmitry Kuznetsov

Anna Aster, Vlada Savchenko, Maria Ivanova, Mikhail Semenov

VFX & Clean-Up: Vadim Kasse, Alexander Demchenko, MikhailSemenov
Make up by Julia Petrova, Daria Solovieva

Units Maria Schepetkina, Arseny Galkin, Mikhail Pozankov

Technical support

Alexander Turbin, Nikolay Evdokimov, Valery Izotov, Vitaly Ignatov


Александр Сорокин


Vladimir Butenko - Valafar Victor\Advocate

Stanislav Ivanov - Chertkov Vasily

Elena Krasikova - Zinaida Baranova

Artem "Cut The Crap" Kharchenko - news anchor

Ksenia Alexeeva - girl

Andrey Naumov - fisherman

Smoke - cat

Александр Демченко
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